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Find out what we’re all about.

Curated Gear

We’re not here to play to the cheap seats. We strive to find the coolest, most kitsch smoking accessories on the web for your consumption. See something we missed? Let us know!

Changing Perceptions

At the end of the day, it’s our hope to create a company that reflects the lifestyle of modern smokers and brings the head shop into the 21st century.

The People’s Head Shop

We’re building a company for the world we want to live in and that starts with being grateful to you, our customers. Expect to be treated as such.

Walking The Walk

Glasshous will contribute to select charities around causes that are close to the hearts of our team, including drug education & addiction treatment. We encourage more companies to do the same.

United We Stand

What happens when you get a diverse and talented collection of creative, technology, and product peeps together for a late night smoke sesh? Apparently, Glasshous. Nice to meet you!

Cool Technology

Glasshous isn’t just a sleek and colorful site, it’s an easy-to-shop online boutique. We specialize in high-quality wares–and the best experience while buying them.

Hate going to head shops?

Have you ever walked into your local headshop and thought and felt out of place? Did you think to yourself, “This place is weird,” and walk out empty handed? Perhaps you’re just not into tie dye, black light posters, and mushroom-shaped pipes.

We totally feel you.

Are you tired of the stereotypes?

The time’s they are a changing! We’re experiencing a culture shift in relation to the wider American populace that has evolved quickly in the last decade. It’s a regular topic in major news and on the lips of everyone from your boss to your mom. So, where does the modern smoker go when they need a new pipe or vape pen to feel like the mature, curious, and willing customer that they are?

The answer is clear.

Are you ready for something new?

Glasshous was created with the express desire to change the way people shop for smoking and vaping gear. We’re tired of the old stereotypes that have defined the industry and we seek to source, curate, and sell the best pipes, vaporizers, and smoke accessories on the web.

Who is Glasshous?

TThe Glasshous team is as diverse as you are. We’re friendly people who live and work from NYC and DFW, and who come from different backgrounds with one common goal in mind–to deliver the best experience for online smoke and vape accessory shopping today.

We promise…

You can expect from us a best-in-class online shopping experience with a brand identity, great customer service, and a team that you’ll actually relate to.

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Don’t be shy!

We’re all about transparency and appreciating your needs. Ensuring you’re happy with your purchase from Glasshous is our top priority.

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